Missed Call Text-Back Solution

A study by BT Business found that approximately 60% of calls to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the UK go unanswered.

A huge amount of money is left on the table every week by businesses who don’t have a solution to this problem.

The images below show 3 real businesses using the Get Leads For Local system for a one week period.

Missed Calls Solution for Business
Missed call solution for small business
Missed Calls Solution for Salon Owners

Fortunately, for these 3 businesses, every time a call doesn’t get answered our system automatically fires back a text or WhatsApp message that acknowledges missing the call and ask how we can help. 

How it works

We give you a new tracking number.

This new number replaces your existing number on your website, Google map listing page, Facebook page etc.

However you can still keep your existing number.

We integrate the new tracking number into the Get Leads For Local system and set it to forward to the number of your choice, which is usually your existing business number. We then have the system monitor 2 scenarios.

Scenario 1. You answer the phone and are talking to the customer as normal.

Scenario 2. You are too busy to answer. An automated text is sent so the customer doesn’t feel ignored and you have not missed the potential sale.

Missed call text-back encourages direct replies to the message, voicemail and voice messages

As the business owner you don’t miss the opportunity to engage with your customer

Caller leaves a voice mail on the system

Customers can leave messages telling you what service they require

Get Leads for Local can integrate with ordinary SMS or WhatsApp for missed call text-back