Missed Calls Solution for Salon Owners

Our system sends a missed call Text/WhatsApp to the caller to acknowledge their call along with a message of your choice saying something like: Hi, Anna here from X Salon, I saw we just missed your call. If you are looking for an appointed please click the link below, or if it’s something else please reply to this message and we will come back to you as soon as possible.

Around 50% of inbound calls to salons have high intent to do business with you or will at least be asking about your services. If your average revenue from a sale is €100 and you miss 8 calls in a day, you could be losing €400 per day.

One Salon owner said “If I pick up one appointment every month that I would otherwise have missed, the Get Leads For Local system is essentially free”

Beauty Salon Missed Call solution

Some of the immediate benefits

Hair Salon Missed Call solution

Our Salon owner customers have told us that one of their biggest problems is not getting to answer the phone because they are busy with a customer, already on the phone, or maybe because the call is out of hours.

They also said they can’t afford to hire extra staff to deal with the missed opportunities the issue was causing.

Why missed call text-back is a good solution

  1. No need for extra phone lines. Every missed call is tracked and the caller will get a text message to acknowledge that we missed your call and will come back to you
  2. 24/7 availability. No need to worry about a potential customer ringing out of hours anymore, as their call will be tracked and they will receive the SMS acknowledgement.
  3. Encourage online appointments. The text-back message can include a link to your online booking system.
  4. Encourage staff to answer the phone when they are available to. Because staff know there will be a missed calls report showing how many calls were missed v answered and the times of the missed calls, they are more likely to answer when they are in a position to.
  5. Quick and convenient customer communication: Missed calls solutions provide a hassle-free way for customers to reach out to the salon without having to wait on hold or engage in lengthy phone conversations. They can simply initiate a missed call and receive a prompt text message acknowledging their inquiry, ensuring efficient communication.
  6. Lead generation and customer follow-up: Missed calls can serve as valuable leads for the salon. With a missed calls solution, the salon can track and capture customer phone numbers, allowing for targeted follow-up calls or text messages to convert potential leads into bookings. This proactive approach increases the chances of securing new customers.
  7. Call prioritization and improved response time: By tracking missed calls and their timestamps, the salon can prioritize callbacks based on urgency and ensure prompt responses to customer inquiries. This helps in managing customer expectations and delivering a higher level of customer service.
  8. Enhanced customer satisfaction: Missed calls solutions offer customers the convenience of initiating contact with the salon at their preferred time and without the pressure of immediate availability. The text message acknowledgment assures customers that their call has been noticed and will be addressed, which fosters a positive customer experience.
  9. Cost savings and resource optimization: With a missed calls solution, the salon can optimize its resources by allocating staff to handle calls during peak times based on the missed calls report. This helps in reducing idle time for staff members and ensures efficient utilization of human resources.
  10. Performance tracking and analytics: Missed calls solutions typically provide detailed reports on missed calls, answered calls, and response times. This valuable data allows the salon to analyze call patterns, identify areas for improvement, and measure the effectiveness of their customer communication strategies.
  11. Seamless integration with existing systems: Missed calls solutions can be seamlessly integrated with other salon management systems, such as appointment scheduling software, CRM tools, or customer databases. This integration streamlines workflow processes, automates data capture, and facilitates efficient customer management.
  12. Competitive advantage: Implementing a missed calls solution sets the beauty salon apart from competitors by showcasing a commitment to customer convenience and prompt communication. It gives the salon a modern and tech-savvy image, attracting customers who appreciate efficient and hassle-free interactions.