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Some of the types of businesses currently benefiting from Leads For Local:

Beauty Salons sending offers to their list with much higher conversion rates than they were used to. 

Local Service Providers such as Insulation Companies –  Photographers – Oil Boiler Servicing etc advertising their services via Facebook/Instagram Ads getting a far better return for their Ad Spend. 

AI conversational bot to book sales calls

Conversational AI Bot

Book potential customers in to your calendar for a phone call or physical consultation. This frees up your time to just concentrate on the scheduled calls.

Fastest Response to Leads

Our Speed To Lead system will beat your competitors hands down. Begin building your reputation immediately by being the fastest to respond to potential & existing customers.

All the intelligent tools you need in one place.

Missed Call Text Back

Automate a response when you're too busy to answer. Have LEADS FOR LOCAL start an AI conversation so you never lose a missed call customer again.

All messages in one place

AI Messaging

Automate & manage your messages with a single inbox for SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Google and more with our conversational AI bot.

Webchat via SMS

AI Webchat

The new way to converse with customers who want instant answers. Artificial intelligence to convert more website visitors into leads & sales.

Book more sales calls

AI Conversational Bot to get more bookings

If you rely on getting potential customers on the phone to discuss their needs and explain how you can help them then this is what you have been waiting for.

Our conversational AI bot is currently filling the sales calendars of our customers and you can be next.

AI conversational Bot for Sales

The fastest response has the best chance

Speed to Lead with intelligent responses

Get your sales calls booked in with our highly successful booking bot

78% of Customers Buy from the First Responder: This statistic comes from a Lead Connect survey, indicating that a significant majority of customers are likely to purchase from the company that responds first to their inquiry​​. Resource

391% Increase in Sales Conversions When Responding Within the First Minute: This statistic is from Lead Connect’s speed to lead statistics, highlighting the dramatic increase in conversion rates when inbound leads are contacted swiftly within the first minute after submitting a demo request​​. Resource

Ads that respond automatically to potential customers

AI Optimised Ads to get the best return for Ad spend

Using our intelligent built in platform you can create ad copy, graphics, and audience targeting that makes sense to the ad platforms.

This AI module was designed by former Google and Facebook staff to work with Google and Facebook algorithms to improve your results, checking performance and optimising over time.

AI magic for Google and Facebook Ads

Client Testimonials

"Get Leads For Local ran Facebook Ads for us to book customers into our Fairy Photo Shoot that we held over a weekend recently.

After about 2 weeks advertising we had booked the weekend to capacity.

And the best thing was that the Facebook Ads connected directly to the Leads For Local booking system.

Our potential customers got an automatic reply with a link to our booking calendar along with some info on how the shoot works. It was so easy for us to follow up quickly with all the leads that came in. Looking forward to the next weekend photo shoot we run."
Willie Quain
Athlone City Photography
"Leads for local has been fantastic for our business. We are no longer missing calls when we are busy and it works so well for advertising offers and new products.

It also give customers an option to text us if they can't call."
Catriona Gaffey
Catriona's Beauty Salon, Athlone
“Using LEADS FOR LOCAL has completely transformed how we do business.

Having all messaging in one place such as Instagram DM, Messenger, SMS etc., means we respond much faster now to customers.

But probably the biggest impact has come from using SMS texting to follow up with potential customers.

Previously we had a 1 in 10 response rate to emails we sent, but now we have a 8 or 9 in 10 engagement since changing to SMS for follow up.

I guess people just answer their texts a lot more often than they do their emails ”
Anna Keely
CEO Bronwyn Conroy International Beauty School
"A brilliant system that allows us to easily access all correspondence from customers and reply to them quickly and efficiently.

It has quickly become an invaluable tool in the day to day running of our business."
Ian Conway
Conways Jewellers, Dublin
“Before using the LEADS FOR LOCAL system, we had been missing business calls that we were totally unaware of.

The "Missed Call Text Back" feature of the system now ensures that not only do we know when we have missed a call, we also have the number we missed in the conversations tab of the app to call back.

And even better again, the caller has received an immediate automatic text from us acknowledging the missed call and asks how we can help.

So the call even though missed was still responded to and the business opportunity wasn't lost."

I wish I had known about LEADS FOR LOCAL before, but at least now I know we are covered for missed calls and a lot more.
Mick Geoghegan
Used Pub & Hotel Equipment
“We started with leads for local in early February. I was a bit dubious as to how much it could benefit our business, but I said I would try it for a month or so. While we are still getting used to the service, it has more than paid for the years subscription in the first month.

What makes it so effective is its simplicity and you can choose to respond immediately or the following day. Customers making enquiries really value quick resoonses. We will continue to use LFL going forward. It was one of our better decisions to sign up to the service.”
James O'Leary
MD IPI Teoranta
“We had been using Facebook Ads to attract new sales leads but were finding it difficult to keep track of the leads that were coming in.

Since starting to use LEADS FOR LOCAL this has become so easy, efficient and highly successful.

Now when a potential customer fills in a Facebook Lead Form I get a notification via the LEADS FOR LOCAL app on my phone.

Not only that, the system also adds the lead as an opportunity in our sales pipeline(all contained within the app) for us to follow up with.”
Adrian Sheils
Owner Pro Sprayfoam Insulations
“We used LEADS FOR LOCAL this year for the Traditude festival. We uploaded all the contacts we had from the previous year and made contact via email to let them know the festival was back and provided information on the upcoming event.

We also used the system to consolidate all messages coming in from Facebook, Instagram and our website Chat Widget into one inbox so that they were easier to keep track of.

Along with this the system allowed us to schedule posts to go out on our Facebook, Instagram and Google Business Profile page so as to have a steady flow of content coming out in the lead up to the festival.

We had a number of people who needed to see all this info and messages and using LEADS FOR LOCAL meant we could see the messages in one place and see if they were already responded to etc. .”
Sales Lead Management Software
Danny Gleeson
Traditude Festival Ferbane

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